Thursday, October 20, 2011

Stuffy Nose

You know what I hate? Stuffy nose. It's weird and confusing. If my body is fighting germs why does it need to cut off my nose air and change my voice around. Since a germ is trying to start sickness you would think a brisk breeze quickly inhaled would move it around and make its job harder. But a body thinks "oh I'll just close up a nose hole and no more will get in." Wrong. The body has just created a whole area for the germ to live in where it won't be bothered by gusts. If I want to get rid of an unwanted guest I don't turn up the heat and start burning all my logs. I open the windows and throw crumbs out the door.

People think stuffy nose is a reason to not do things, but they are just looking for an excuse to be boring. Here are some places you can be while stuffy nosed:

1. Outdoors
2. Indoors
3. Carnivals

* If you also have a runny nose please stay from my carnival. You'll ruin it.

One of life's great mysteries is how no matter how many times you blow a stuffy nose it always fills up again. Even if you did it a million times in 10 minutes. Nothing else in nature does this. When a chicken lays an egg and a crocodile steals it, the chicken doesn't just immediately get filled up with a new egg. It needs to find a rooster and have it put a new egg in it. When a bee makes honey and a bear steals it, the bee doesn't just plop out more honey. It has to go to flowers to find more. Even when a fish makes seaweed, and then a chef grabs it for some gross salad, it takes hours for the fish to release more weed. I could go on and on!

I also hate how one nostril gets stuffed and then the other isn't. Then I have to watch people do that thing where they hold down one nostril and blow out the other. Those people are garbage.

One time in 7th grade this kid I know always had a stuffy nose. We all thought he was just a dirty maggot but he was actually sniffing rubber cement. Turns out he was a pretty cool guy.

I got this stuffy nose from petting too many dogs.


  1. The most common causes of viral infections are flu and common colds. It can also be caused by allergies or frequent exposure to allergens, physical exertion, stress, as well as air pollution. On an average, humans get sick with common cold about three times annually. This generally takes place mostly throughout the cold winter months. Eating raw onion or ginger. These natural foods can act as powerful antidotes to cold conditions. This is a natural remedies to help you on how to clear a stuffy nose.

  2. Nasal congestion also commonly known as sinus congestion is basically the blockage of the nasal cavities. As we all know a human being has sinuses in several areas of their face. These basically consist of moist spaces of air that exist within the facial bones mostly located around the human nose. When the membranes that line the nose become swollen from inflamed blood vessels then we get nasal congestion. Totally would this to hate lists too.