Friday, July 23, 2010


You know what I hate? Sleep. Sleep is a waste of time that could be spent doing awesome stuff. Instead I have to go to bed, and go to sleep, and wake up to a bright shiny day that I want no part of.

People are too happy about going to sleep. They put on their little clothes and their little snooze hat and rest their stupid head on their dumb pillow. They think they can just sleep it up any time they want. But I don't like that. They should stay up and do stuff with me. I hate going to sleep because I am a lot of fun.

Here is a list of things we could do together if you didn't go to sleep:

Yarn games
Hose fights
Contraption Construction
Street Bowling
Leaf Ripping
Mincing and Munching

These things are all fun, but you need more than one person. Maybe if you didn't waste so much time sleeping we could hang out at 3AM and do them, but you probably won't. In a way this is all on you.

Beep, beep, I don't like sleep.

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